Slip-n-tow is the newest state of the art hitch hauler for transporting all makes of motorcycles.  Built with leading edge technology anyone can load-up and roll in a matter of minutes. 


The hitch hauler can be used on many makes and models of vehicles and doesn’t have to be used with a pick up truck and is easily installed with just one individual.


Cost Efficient


Slip-n-tow is one of the most cost effective ways to transport motorcycles, cost efficient due to the unique heavy duty steel design and can be used with all motorcycle makes and models.  No more trailers to tow easier on your vehicle and lower fuel bills when traveling and you have your dream bike behind you all the way!




State of the art materials make this cycle hitch strong, durable, and easy to attach with one person.  Non swaying design and some customizing for your bike makes it possible to transport your bike locally or nationwide behind any vehicle.


Slip-n-tow / Ready to go


Slip your motorcycle in the hitch and you are ready to tow without having to have an extra person to help, no high gas bills due to pulling a heavy trailer, and most of all affordable!